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Avengers Big Bang 2012 | Vidlet & Mix

Title: The Shortest Week
Artist: Clint Mansell
Track Title: Redemption
Fandom: Avengers
Characters: Steve Rogers & Tony Stark
Summary: It doesn’t take Tony long to realise that he’s stuck in a time loop, doomed to relive the same crappy day over and over again. Every day he wakes up hung over—whether or not he drinks—has to deal with giant robots and, even worse, a pissed off Captain America. Tony has to figure out how to stop the cycle before he goes crazy and in the process maybe he and Steve can come to an understanding.
Length: 0.40 minutes
Format: zipped avi | 36mb
Notes: Due to some major DAR issues with the Cap and Iron Man movies the vidlet is nothing like I originally intended. I only had two weeks to complete my end due to an unexpected holiday and decided it would be less time consuming to use the Avengers trailer footage instead. Half way through vidding I realised I'd backed myself into a big-ass corner clip-wise and spent many an hour tearing my hair out until I stumbled on a way around my troubles.

A huge thank you going out to my partner in this venture, shinysylver, for making my side of the 2012 avengers_bang so enjoyable. You can read her story here at AO3.

Password: bigbang

YouTube | Vidders | Download (change abc file extension to zip)

+ Click images to enlarge
+ Textures by the ever fabulous elli

Listen | Full download (change abc file extension to zip and unzip)

Brand New | Daisy

I'm a mountain that has been moved
I'm a river that has all dried up
I'm an ocean nothing floats in
I'm a sky that nothing wants to fly in

Chevelle | Meddler

You had that night time confidence
Yet again
Like when you tear us all to bits
Yet again
If you really want advice here
You're too much like a wall
If you're gonna light those fires
We're all up in arms again

Deftones | Hole in the Earth (Renholder Remix)

There's a hole in the earth
I'm out
There's a hole in the earth
Please take a bow
This is the end (somewhere)
This is the end

Placebo | In the Cold Light of Morning

In the cold light of morning
While everyone is yawning
You're high
As your skin starts to scratch
And wave yesterdays actions goodbye
Forget past indiscretions
And stolen possessions
You're high

Nine Inch Nails | Every Day is Exactly the Same

I believe I can see the future
Cause I repeat the same routine
I think I used to have a purpose
But then again
That might have been a dream

Russian Circles | You Already Did


Puscifer | Humbling River (Nagual del Judith Mix)

Pay no mind to the battles you've won
It'll take a lot more than rage and muscle
Open your heart and hands, my son
Or you'll never make it over this river

System of a Down | Aerials

Life is a waterfall
We drink from the river
Then we turn around and put up our walls
Swimming through the void
We hear the word
We lose ourselves but we find it all

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